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AP Employees Online Transfers 2017

AP Employees Online Transfers 2017 website http://transfers.apcfss.in launched. AP state govt has released AP Employees Online Transfers Guidelines vide G.O Ms.No.72 Dated 4.05.2017. AP Employees need to apply online for transfers from http://transfers.apcfss.in. AP govt has developed an application called ‘Online Employees Transfer System’ (OETS) for the smooth conduct of AP Employees Transfers Online.

AP Employees Online Transfers process will be completed in 7 steps. Earlier AP State Government has issued orders for relaxation of ban on transfers for the period 25th April 2017 to 24th May 2017 and issued guidelines for transfer of employees wide G.O. MS. No. 64 Finance (HR I) Department dated 21.04.201. As per the orders the AP Employees transfers should be undertaken in a transparent process using IT application which is called ‘Online Employees Transfer System’ (OETS). OETS has been developed for the use of the Heads of Departments/Competent Authorities/Individual
Employees. For this employees need to log in to the official transfers website http://transfers.apcfss.in. All the transfers shall be done only through this system.

AP State Govt employees need to visit the AP Employees Transfers website https://transfers.apcfss.in to apply online for transfers. The following steps are there for applying online for transfers. AP Employees need to log into the website with the following credentials.

  • User ID – Employee ID (as per the Payroll).
  • Mobile Number – Enter the Mobile Number to which you would like to receive OTP and other communication during the transfer process
  • One Time Password (OTP) – An OTP will be sent to the Mobile Number that you enter
  • Bank Account Number – Your Bank Account Number is the number where you receive your salary as per the available records with the
    payroll. This is used for second level authentication

AP Employees Online Transfers @http://transfers.apcfss.in

Following 7 steps are involved in AP Employees online transfers in this year 2017.

Step 1: Competent Authority Should draw up the list of eligible employees. 5 years service completed employees at one station should be transferred. Employees who completed 3 years of service at one place can apply online for transfers. Competent Authority should finalize the list of existing and potential vacancies category-wise and notify them in notice boards

Step 2: Competent Authority should login to the Online Employee Transfer Application and enter the list of eligible employees under each category along with all the required details online.

AP Employees Online Transfers http://transfers.apcfss.inStep 3: Competent Authority should evolve performance criteria for each category of employees and notify the same through notice boards and department portals. All eligible employees should login to the Online Employee Transfer Application and verify their basic details and submit their options/preferences to the list of vacancies. At least 3 preferences should be submitted. Employee is permitted to submit preferences for all the published vacancies if they desire to.

Step 4: Competent Authority should draw up a detailed counselling schedule for each category with a date, venue and time slot. Computer system will match the employees to the vacancies based on the preferences submitted by the employees.

Step 5: Competent Authority should conduct counselling as per the norms. The details of counselling schedule, time slots, venue and eligible attendees as per the schedule will be published online. Employee should attend the counselling. All employees eligible to be transferred and/or submitted a willing to be considered for transfer and if accepted should attend the counselling compulsorily.

Step 6: Competent Authority should record the counselling details in the remarks column of the employee details.

Step 7: Competent Authority, based on the final posting finalization and completion of any required reviews, CA should generate Transfer Orders to each eligible Employee for their new posting using the appropriate option in the Online Employee Transfer Application.

Download G.O Ms.No.72 Dated 4.05.2017 for more information about AP Employees Online Transfers Guidelines. AP Employees online transfers guidelines G.O Ms.No.72 Dated 4.05.2017 is available at http://goir.ap.gov.in website.

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AP Employees Transfer Guidelines G.O 72 Dated 4.05.2017

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