Entitlement Points/Performance Points – AP Teachers Transfers

Performance Points/Entitlement Points

Performance Points/Entitlement Points for AP Teachers Transfers 2015 have been released. This year, the Govt of AP has newly introduced Performance Points for Teachers Transfers.

The teachers who secured National or State award issued by the Central / State Government can be availed only once in the 8 year period: 5 Points

Increase in previous year’s enrollment by 10- 20% is ensured during each of the last 2 years: 2 Points

Attendance of children in a school by average year wise: About 95% – 2 points, 90% to 95% – 1 point

100% Transition of children within their school or catchment area Govt. Schools 5th to 6th class 7th to 8th class 8th to 9th class: 3 points

Marks of A and A+ grade obtained by students in Class III, V & VIII in a school in the Annual Assessment Survey for that year AAS 2015:
If 80% and above students in the class got A and A+: 2 points.
If 70% to 79.99% students got B+: 1 pointSchool Average performance in SSC Exam:
95% to 100% pass percentage: 2 points
90% to 94.99%: 1 pointsPerformance Points ap teachers transfersTeacher attendance in the institution at present cadre
Above 95% attendance of total no. of working days for last 2 years: 3 points
90% -94.99% attendance of total no. of working days for last 2 years: 2 points

If the children of Govt. teacher are studying during the last 2 years in Govt./Aided schools (If both are working as teachers, one of the spouse will be entitled for these points): 2 points

Initiative in raising of funds/ material/property/infrastructure for developing the school (last 2 years only): Worth of more than 3 lakhs: 3 points
2.00 – 2.99 lakhs: 2 points
1.00 – 1.99 lakhs: 1 points

Performance in SSC Results
100% pass in concerned subject: 3 points
90% and above pass: 2 points

Participation of children in competitions at District/ State Level from the schools a) Essay writing b) Elocution c) Drawing d) Quiz, etc. Points to be given to the HM & concerned Teacher: 1 point

Participation in sport & games : Points to be gives both for PET/HM:
National: 3 points
State 2 points
Zonal/District: 1 point

If teacher is residing at working habitation for last 2 years (applicable to HM / Teacher working in category IV schools only): 2 points

Conduct of science exhibition at school level with local contribution inviting neighboring schools in the Mandal a) Science Projects/Shows b) Green Crops & Environment c) Arts: 2 points. This G.O is also be available at http://goir.ap.gov.in

Special Entitlement Points

  • The President and General Secretary of the recognized Teachers’ Unions at the State and District Levels: 10 points
  • Un-married Headmistress Gr.II / unmarried female Teacher: 10 points
  • Headmaster Gr.II Gazetted / Teacher, whose spouse is working in State Government or Central Government or Public Sector undertaking or Local Body or Aided Institution in the same District and opted for transfer nearer to and towards the place of working of his/her spouse, Benefit of spouse points shall be applicable to one of the spouses once in 8 years, and an entry shall be made in this regard in SR. A copy of certificate issued by the competent authority shall be enclosed to the check list to consider cases under this category: 10 points
  • Headmaster Gr.II Gazetted Teacher who is working as NCC Officer, if they have completed 8 years’ service in the school: 10 points
  • The teachers who are affected by rationalization process they are eligible for extra points over and above already secured. The teachers who have completed 8 years’ service are not eligible: 10 points

AP Teachers Transfers 2015 Entitlement Points (Performance Points) cab be find in the G.O No.63

Download G.O Ms.No.63 Dated 31.08.2015 for more information.

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