Gram Jyothi Telangana/TS Grama Panchayats Empowerment Program

Telangana/TS Gram Jyothi Program

Gram Jyothi, Telangana/TS Grama Panchayat’s Empowerment Program will be started from 15th August 2015. The TS Govt has released G.O.Ms.No.63 Dated 14.08.2015 & G.O.Ms.No.64 Dated 14.08.2015 regarding Telangana Grama Jyothi Program for TS Gram Panchayat’s. Seven Key areas have been identified to achieve under TS Gram Jyothi Program.

Gram Jyothi – a program to empower gram panchayats, it is considered essential to prepare village development plans for each gram panchayats through a participatory approach involving the Panchayat, the self help groups, people and all interested in the holistic development of the village. Gram Jyothi Program will be started to cover the following 7 key areas.

  • Sanitation and Drinking Water
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Education
  • Social Security and Poverty Reduction
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Agriculture
  • Infrastructure

Functional Committees will be constituted in the Gram Panchayat’s to achieve the above said goals. Functional Committees be constituted as envisaged in the Gram Panchayat Act with a clear focus on actions to be taken and outcomes to be achieved.


The composition of the Functional Committee shall be as follows:
(a) The Chairperson of each Committee is suggested at the appropriate Functional Committee below.
(b) One or more Ward Members
(c) Self Help Group (SHG) Leader
(d) One representative from any Community based organization or NGO working in Gram Panchayat area
(e) Any retired Government Servant living in GP area and having experience in the subject
(f) Concerned Gram Panchayat level / Mandal Level Officer – Convener.

The Functional Committees shall adopt the following methodology for its activities for preparation of the Village Development Plan

  1. Collection of related data from different sources including the representatives of the line departments implementing the programs
  2. Reviews of the present status of the service
  3. Inspect the village through a transect walk
  4. Conduct Situational analysis
  5. Use participatory methods in decision making
  6. Assess Requirements of the community
  7. Take stock of availability of resources
  8. Prepare the plan for the Sector and allocate the resources and deliverable outcomes to be approved in the Gram Sabha.

Download Telangana Gram Jyothi Guidelines and Concept G.O.Ms.No.63 Dated 14.08.2015 & G.O.Ms.No.64 Dated 14.08.2015 for detailed information regarding TS Gram Jyothi Program for Gram Panchayat’s Empowerment.

G.O.Ms.No.63 Dated 14.08.2015 & G.O.Ms.No.64 Dated 14.08.2015

Gram Jyothi Official Website:

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