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Mee Intiki Mee Bhoomi

Mee Intiki Mee Bhoomi Program for AP Land Records is launched on the 10th August 2015. AP Land Records can be updated through Mee Intiki Mee Bhoomi/Mee Intiki Mee Bhumi program. AP Land Records (Adangals, FMB, ROR 1-B, Pahani Records) are now available at portal. But lot of errors had crept into Mee Bhoomi portal.

Govt has received several complaints about the errors in the data from so many farmers and villagers. That is why AP State Govt has started this Mee Intiki Mee Bhoomi Program from 10th August 2015 to 31st August 2015. During this period, Revenue Department staff visit villages and conduct Gram Sabha’s. They collect information about land records and update records accordingly. All the revenue records would be made available to the people in the villages at the Gram Sabha’s. Every farmer’s land would be linked to Aadhar Number after verification. In case the officials find any errors in the land records of the farmers, the issue would be resolved within a month’s time.

If errors found in the land records at Mee Bhoomi portal, these errors will be rectified by the Revenue Officials. About 2,60,697 complaints have been received by the revenue officials during “Mee Intiki Mee Bhoomi” program as on the 17th August 2015, among them, 91760 complaints have already been solved. About 18,80,364 Pattadar Pass Books have been verified during this program. About 78 Lakh Pattadar Passbooks are there in Andhra Pradesh.

Thasildar, Revenue Inspector, Surveyor, VAO (Village Administrative Officer) will visit all villages during this period. Mee Intiki Mee Bhoomi Program will be conducted for three weeks from August 10. AP Chief Minister Mr.N.Chandra Babu Naidu has started this program in Visakhapatnam District today.

Mee Intiki Mee BhoomiPublic and Farmers can now check land details, Adangals, ROR 1B, FMB, Pahani, Tippan from the official website. Farmers need to visit Mee Seva Centers to take print outs of the land records where they have to pay a certain amount for this facility. Previously Land Records were available in the AP State Govt website But AP Govt has created a new website for online status checking of AP Land Records of Adangal, ROR 1-B, Pahani. The following AP Land Records can be found online by submitting the following information in the official website.

  • Survey Number
  • Khatha Number
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Name of the passbook holder

Mee Bhoomi Land Records

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