Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Airtel Question 20.12.2015

MEK 3 Airtel Question 20.12.2015

MEK 3 Question 20.12.2015/Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Airtel Prasna 20th December 2015 was aired on MAA TV. Today MAA TV Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Airtel Prasna Maadi Padivelu Meedi Question is as follows. The question for the Contest is being broadcast at any given time between 9pm to 10.30pm of the same day, or around that time, as determined by Channel management. Post the completion of the Episode, the question will be available on the website ( until the closure of lines.

Airtel Question 20.12.2015

Complete this saying Chiniki Chiniki — Ayinatlu
A.Gaali Vaana
B.Vadagandla Vaana
C.Joru Vaana
D.Edateripileni Vaana

Answer: A
Send your answers to 509095 before 7pm tomorrow. Mode of participation: Airtel Subscribers
IVR: 50909501, 50909502, 50909503, 50909504
SMS: 509095 (SMS sent in the wrong format or with the incorrect answer are also chargeable)

How to answer through SMS?

a. APM<Space>A/B/C/D to 509095
b. In case of error in SMS format, the response message will read “Invalid format. SMS APM<space>A/B/C/D to 509095. Charges upto Rs.5/SMS.
c. The acknowledgement message will read “Thank you for participating in APM Contest. We will call you back on this number if you are shortlisted. Upto Rs. 5/SMS. T&Cs on”

CHARGES: SMS: Every SMS sent to the participation numbers will be charged as mentioned below
Upto Rs.5 /- per SMS – 509095 (AIRTEL Subscribers).

Episode Winner Selection

1. A winner will be selected from all valid entries for each question.

A list of 3 shortlisted Participants will be selected by the randomizer. A telephonic call will be made to the Participant shortlisted 1st in the list of 3 shortlisted Participants. If the 1st call is unsuccessful, 2 more attempts each after 15 mins will be made to connect with the Participant, each after 15 minutes interval. In case all the 3 attempts are unsuccessful call will be made to the next Participant on the list. In case all 3 attempts to all 3 shortlisted Participants are unsuccessful no winner will be declared for that particular episode

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