MEK 3 Fourth Question 29.09.2015

MEK 3 Fourth Question 29.09.2015

MEK 3 Fourth Question 29.09.2015/Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu 4th Question 29.09.2015 will be available for viewers at today 6.30pm on Participants have to send their answers to 57337. Today Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Fourth Question will be aired on 29th September 2015 from 6.30pm on MAA TV

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MEK 3 Fifth Question 30.09.2015

Nagarjuna Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Season 3 Registrations First Question was aired on 26.09.2015. MEK 3 Second Question was aired on 27.09.2015. MEK 3 Third Question was aired on 28.09.2015. Today MEK 3 Fourth Question is scheduled to be aired by 6.30pm. Aspirants can send SMS to 57337 from Airtel, BSNL, TATA, Idea, Reliance, Telenor and Vodafone to register themselves for MEK 3 registrations.

MEK 3 4th Question 29.09.2015

Who among the following was appointed as Google CEO in this August 2015
1.Sundar Pitchai
2.Santhanu Narayan
3.Satya Nadella
4.Vinod Khosla

Answer: A
Send Your Answer To 57337 like MEK A 30 F (Answer A, Female 30 years of age)

The acknowledgement message for entries sent in the prescribed format will read on the lines of as Thank you for your participation. If shortlisted, you will be contacted by the MEK Maa TV team within 5 days

MEK 3 First Question 26.09.2015

Who is known as “Missile Man of India” among the following Ex-President’s of India?

A) K.R Narayanan
B) R.Venkatraman
C) Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
D) Jnani Jailsingh

Answer: Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam

MEK 3 Second Question 27.09.2015

Which of the following Film’s poster created the Guinness world record for the Biggest Film Poster.

1) Bajarangi Bhai John
2) Baahubali
3) Avatar
4) Jurassic World

Answer: Baahubali

MEK 3 Third Question 28.09.2015

Under whose regime of the following emperors, kept their own statues with his wifes along with Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala

1.First Raja Raja Choludu
2.Gowthami Putra Sathakarni
3.Ganapathi devudu
4.Sri Krishna Devarayulu

Answer is: D, Sri Krishna Devarayulu
A total of approximately 2760 Valid correct entries of the Registrants received from the General round period will be called-back by telephone on the number used for registrations as per the details available with the Company, during the period commencing from 28th September 2015 to 6th October 2015.

mek 3 fourth question 29.09.2015 meelo evaru koteeswaruduThe maximum prize which can be won in the Competition is Rs.1 Crore only (Rupees One Crore Only) or such amount as the Company deems fit. Payment of prize Money to the Winners shall be after deduction of all applicable taxes and levies and subject to providing the relevant documents as intimated by the Company and will be paid within the time stipulated by the Company. A duly attested copy of the PAN card is compulsory to claim the prize money by the Auditionee.

MEK 3 Fourth Question 29.09.2015 will be displayed on the official website by 6.30pm

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