Rs.5,00,000 Accidental Insurance Scheme TS Drivers/Home Guards/Working Journalists

Rs.5,00,000 Accidental Insurance

Rs.5,00,000 Accidental Insurance Scheme/Plan has been announced for TS Transport Drivers/Home Guards/Working Journalists. Rs.5 Lakh Accidental Insurance will be paid as per G.O.MS.No. 20 Dated 23rd June 2015. Private Transport Vehicle Drivers of Auto, Lorry, Bus, Jeep, Taxi come under this Rs.5,00,000 Accidental Insurance Scheme/Plan.

The Government of Telangana has ordered implementation of a Social Security scheme for “Transport Drivers / Home Guards / Working Journalists” in Telangana State with a coverage of Rs.5,00,000/- (Rupees five lakhs only) Accidental Insurance. The entire cost of premium for Rs.5,00,000/- Accidental Insurance for beneficiary covered under the scheme shall be paid by the State Government.

Features of the Rs.5,00,000 Accidental Insurance Scheme

All Transport Drivers who are registered with the Transport Department of the State of Telangana and who are employed as Drivers in Transport Vehicles (including Auto, Lorry, Bus, Jeep, Taxi, Private Vehicles and such other vehicles engaged in Goods Transport and passenger transport), are eligible to become beneficiaries of the Scheme.

All Home Guards working under the control Home Department of Government of Telangana or may be specified by the Home Department of Govt. of Telangana.

All Working Journalists as defined in the Working Journalists Act, 1955 and are working in the Telangana State or may be specified by the Commissioner, Information & Public Relations Dept.;

(iv)The beneficiaries specified under the scheme will be registered as beneficiaries under the scheme with the Registering Authority on-line/through
Facilitation Centres or such other means as may be specified by the Government;

(v) The beneficiary will be eligible for Rs.5.00 Lakhs Accident Death Insurance which will be paid from the Group Insurance Scheme taken by the State Government.

5-lakh-insurance-scheme-ts-drivers-home-guardsThe main object of the Scheme is to provide relief to the families of Transport Drivers who are registered with the Transport Department of the State of Telangana and who are employed as Drivers in Transport Vehicles, Home Guards working under Home Department and Working Journalists who are working in various media houses, both in print and electronic media in the event of accidental death. There is every need for implementation of Accident Insurance Scheme for the above groups for an Insurance amount of Rs.5.00 Lakhs keeping in view the present day scale of expenditure.

This G.O.MS.No.20 Dated 23.06.2015 is also available at

Download G.O.MS.No. 20 Dated 23rd June 2015 for detailed information about Rs.5,00,000 Accidental Insurance Scheme

Rs.5 Lakh Accidental Insurance Scheme

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