AP Medical Health Transfers Guidelines Schedule 2016 healthtransfers.cgg.gov.in

AP Medical Health Transfers Guidelines Schedule 2016

AP Medical Health Transfers Guidelines 2016 and AP Medical Health Transfers Schedule 2016 is released today by G.O Rt.No.272 Dated 20.06.2016 @http://healthtransfers.cgg.gov.in.AP State Medical and Health Department Employees will be transfers as per prescribed guidelines and schedule. Respective HODs shall issue the separate detailed schedule for AP Medical Health Transfers 2016. AP M&H Employees Transfers Procedure is as follows

AP Medical Health Transfers Procedure

AP Medical Health Transfers Procedure: All the procedures for the transfers i.e. submission of application, publication of vacancies, publication of Merit list based on station seniority, submission of grievances, grievance Redressal and allocation of postings should be done
All employees who have completed two years and requesting for transfers should submit their application online. After submitting application online, applicant should download the PDF format of application and submit signed copy to the respective designated authority as detailed below. The employees should indicate maximum of three choices of posting/place.

  • Post: District Cadre; Authority: DM&HO/District coordinator of Hospital Services
  • Post: State Cadre; Authority: CH&FW / DPH&FW / DME /Commr., APVVP (State HODs)

AP Medical Health Transfers 2017

G.O Rt.No 272 Dated 20.06.2016

1. All transfer and postings should be made through online procedure and based on the preferences given by the employees.
2. Employees with station seniority of 2 years are eligible for request transfer subject to availability of vacancies and ceiling limit. No TTA / joining time etc., shall be granted in case of request transfers.
3. For the purpose of defining station seniority, service at the station in all cadres and in all the offices located in station should be considered. In case of urban areas, the institutions located within a urban agglomeration with the same HRA shall be counted as a single duty station.
4. Transfers should not exceed 20% of any one cadre
5. The transfers should be affected from focal to non-focal, non-focal to nonfocal or from non-focal to focal posts only. In no case persons shall be transferred from one focal post to another focal post.

Focal Post: Institutions located in all District Head Quarters and Cities / Towns with 20% HRA

Non-Focal: Post Institutions located in cities with 14.5% or 12% of HRA.

6. The transfers should not violate the six point formula, as notified in G.O.Ms.No.610, G.A.(SPF.A) Dept., dt.30-12-1985, and as amended from time to time.

7. The principal office bearers of recognized associations and A.P. Govt. Class IV employees association are exempted from transfers in accordance subject to fulfilling the conditions laid down in the instructions issued in GAD & HM&FW Department. The list of recognized associations should be obtained from the GAD by the respective HoDs. For these exemptions from transfers, HOD will be personally responsible, if there is any undue benefit endowed on any individual or association.

8. Transfer and posting of specialist doctors shall be strictly to the specialist post to which they belong. Specialists shall not be posted in any post earmarked for a different specialty all specialist doctors should be placed only in secondary and tertiary institutions.

9. Mis-match postings are strictly prohibited. There shall be no doctor working in mismatch posts in any medical institution.

10. All the appointing authorities mentioned above shall publish the list of vacancies. List of vacancies should include clear vacancies, posts that are occupied by mismatches.

AP Medical Health Transfers Online Application Form will likely be available in the official website with in few hours. Employees who wish to apply for transfers need to apply online for the same. AP Medical Health Transfer Vacancies will also be displayed in the official website with in few hours time. Download G.O RT.No.272 Dated 20.06.2016 for detailed information.

While effecting the transfers, competent authority shall give priority as follows:
a. Longest standing employee downwards.
b. Employee working in the institutions located in ITDA areas.
c. Employees with disability of 40% or more as certified by a competent authority as per “Persons with Disabilities” Act 1995.
d. Employees having mentally challenged children can be transferred to a place where medical facilities are available.
e. Medical grounds for the diseases viz of Cancer, Heart Operations, Neurosurgery, Bone TB, Kidney Transplantation can be transferred to places where such facilities are available. The medical condition should be either self or spouse or dependent children or dependent parents.
f. The employees who are retiring within one year shall not be transferred.
g. The employees who are to be promoted during the panel year shall not be disturbed

AP Medical Health Transfers Guidelines Schedule 2016 healthtransfers.cgg.gov.inVisit http://healthtransfers.cgg.gov.in for updated information.
Download G.O RT.No.272 Dated 20.06.2016 for detailed information about Medical and Health Transfers Guidelines 2016. Visit official website for AP Medical Health Transfers Procedure and Transfers Schedule at http://healthtransfers.cgg.gov.in.

Transfers Official Website: http://healthtransfers.cgg.gov.in

Medical Health Transfers G.O Rt.No 272 Dated 20.06.2016

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  1. Vinukonda Esteru | June 10, 2016 at 1:31 pm | Reply

    How many percentage

  2. wer is the health and medical transfer application 2016

    • It will soon be published in the official website healthtransfers.cgg.gov.in

      • Only one day more to apply for application. Where is medical & health transfers guidelines?

        • Please visit the official website regularly for updated information. As of now healthtransfers.cgg.gov.in is the official website. Consult heads of the departments regarding this issue.

  3. what is the guidelines for health transfers

  4. respected sir/madam ,please consider previous service in agency area(ITDA) and give priority in health transfers

  5. When health transfers guidelines released

  6. sir please consider total tribal area service in councelling

  7. is transfer application out??? healthtransfers.cgg.gov site is not updated….they are saying 14th is the last day for submission of application…..

  8. bloody govt ….no proper guidelines for medical and health dept ….GO 102 states that it is for FINANCE DEPT….then where are the guidelines for medical and health transfers 2016….14th is the last date for submission of the application form..till now the healthtransfer.cgg.gov.in site is not yet updated …..no application form available …thats why people are hating this govt…

  9. Is GO no 102 is applicable for medial and health deprtmnt or else there is any separate guidelines for it….if so please provide the link…and 14th is the last date for submission of transfer application ..but til now there is no application available online…where can i get medical and health transfer application 2016…the site which you have provided is not updated ..

    • That is the official website as of now. Application may soon be uploaded into this website. Consult heads of the departments regarding this issue.

  10. Hi for when the application will publish in healthtransfers.cgg.gov.in

  11. What is this sir? Is it mental punishment to medical and health employees?Who bother about the transfers?Why these “showing “statements form govt.officials to all of us……

  12. iam un happay last two years , go”s realised , but not govt was not transfered single health employee .plaese realise guide lines other transfer activities.

  13. when guideline issue for health department

  14. Boddeda Vijaya Lakshmi | June 13, 2016 at 3:38 pm | Reply

    Sir please issue the medical and health transfers guidelines as early as possible there is no application till now

  15. it is very unfortunate that right now Medical and Health department is not able to issue guide lines.There is no transfers previous year.so many Health employees working far away from families we are looking for guidelines may issue as early as possible.

  16. Sir think about 20 % of transfers it is injustice to the cadre because previous year there are no transfers in the department so please increase up to 40% other wise transfer all employees who completed 5 years of service. please do not entertain any Unions and Associations in the department transfers.it is very injustice that to give recognition to APM&HEU 3194 .The election conducted for union recognition in the year 2002 after 14 years also it is continuing how can authorities justify it I do not Know

  17. sravan kumar | June 13, 2016 at 4:36 pm | Reply

    Please permit me in contract vacances , i am working 10 years same place , hence permit transfers as early as possible.

  18. MOHEMED QUTHUB | June 13, 2016 at 4:49 pm | Reply


  19. Sir it is a miracile govt, try to understand our position and also communicate through this site to government awaiting 4 Go lot of employees suffering from family burdens and their children s education than Q admin

  20. Guidelines releas aithaya leda


  22. No transfers
    No update sites
    No applications
    Really great

  23. today is the last day …few hours left …till now there are no guidelines for medical and health transfers and no application avaiable …..many people are working in rural and far places leaving there families for years…..no proper response from govt and from anyone ….what is this …whom should we ask…

    • Transfers-2016- kindly give guide lines and on-line transfer application format, we known as stop the transfers of Medical and health department by your opinion about the CHNCs of M&H closed, but the relevant staff back to their parent posts station. So many thousands of employees over 5+3,4 years completed in same stations where ever to go change their stations don’t disappoint. Your opinion or objections don’t clarified by your staff who put up the file in the matter. Last year also not give transfers by your un-known opinions. In this year kindly stopped your opinions and objections, immediately give transfer permission i.e, issue guide lines and on-line transfer application formats. If you take immediate genuine action ever of thousands of employee thanks to yours.Thanking you Madam.

  24. ayyo transferla nireekshnalo maro roju gadichi poindi …..ఏమిటీ వైరాగ్యం ….ఎందుకీ నిర్లిప్తత…ఏంటి ఈ చేతగాని తనం….
    ఎంతవరకీ నిరీక్షణ……

  25. అక్బర్ షేక్. | June 14, 2016 at 11:50 am | Reply

    .ఏమిటీ వైరాగ్యం ….ఎందుకీ నిర్లిప్తత…ఏంటి ఈ చేతగాని తనం….
    ఎంతవరకీ నిరీక్షణ……ట్రాన్స్ ఫర్లు ఉన్నట్టా ….లేనట్టా?

  26. Balakondaiah | June 14, 2016 at 4:10 pm | Reply

    Okappudu andarichetha dandaalu pettinchukunna health dpt udyogasthulu, ippudu andariki dandaalu pettalsina paristhithi vachindante daniki modati karanam “health dpt lo transfers lekapovadame”,3years aina ventane prathi udyogini transfer cheyyandi health dpt ki poorva vaibhavam thappaka vasthundi…idi aksharala nijam.

  27. Dr.V.Sudhakaram | June 15, 2016 at 7:27 am | Reply

    Guide lines released
    Go 105 dated 15/6/2016
    transfers website

  28. Very worst administration, all departments doing transfers third time in TDP govt. But it is shameful to
    the health dept . What a transparent gov’t, it’s so sad.

  29. Where r u Mr.health minister. Try to understand employees problems.

  30. Sir please issue application forms on web site i am been suffering from kidney failure since 8 years for that i am taking treatment as dialsis in tirupati but i dont have that much of patiance to go and come my daughter do my work subordinate to me sir do transfers as early as possible

  31. it is very shame to govt of ap ,completely failed to justice employees in transfers only 20% for cadre transfers means eye wash thing

  32. office bearer system hijacking genue transfer seekers and it should be banned .some of the employees enjoying their service even they have 15years station seniority .it is hampering the the govt function at these places so,transfer them transparently.other wise they will not leave the place permanently.

  33. For Medical and Health department is not able to issue guide lines. There is no transfers previous year, so many Health employees working far away from families we are looking for guidelines may issue as early as possible.

  34. Chandrasekhar | June 20, 2016 at 5:11 pm | Reply

    Wow what a pleasant surprise the guidelines were issued soo many thanks for our PS Madam

  35. If an employ had completed his service more than 5years , his place may show vacant or not ?

  36. Namaste, when is published clear vacancies.

  37. When is coming health transfer application online submission list of vacancies is coming

  38. No vacancy list of Apvvp hospitals is given still, when applications r to be put up from today. My guess there will be no transfers this time too. Clear vacancy posts to be filled is too much n we r not happy with it at all. Give everyone a chance to work in near by places. It’s been three years we r waiting for transfers n still nothing to have hopes on….

  39. There is no Apvvp and DME side hospitals vacancy list. Then how we will give option.
    Please respond as early as possible.

    • All category wise vacancies will likely be published at the official website healthtransfers.cgg.gov.in website.

      • The site u gave is showing last years that is 2015-2016 application and vacancies r shown for long standing cases too. We would be more than happy I if d same list is shown again for this year 2016-17. Please kindly confirm d website n vacancy meaning

  40. Ap staff nurse long standing

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